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1. You may use my stock in any manipulation. You HAVE TO ask me first, but if it is in the STOCK CATEGORY then it is STOCK and may be used by you.....................With only a few exceptions:

NO PORN, sexploitation, or pics depicting cruel and otherwise socially, morally reprehensible acts.

No COMMERCIAL USE unless you ask me first.

2. You may make new stock from my stock, but please make sure that you do more than just change the color.

3. You must FAVE the Stock you used! Especially since I will be Faving your manipulation in return.

4. You MUST CREDIT ME! A link to my stock account is all I ask along with Moonchilde-Stock. This should appear in your artist's comments box.

5. You MUST NOTE ME with a link to the finished manipulation.

6. If you want to upload your manipulation to another site besides Deviantart, then send me a note and I will most likely say Yes,, just ask first!! And I will require credit and a link back to me. And you will need to send me a link in a note to the manipulation itself on the other site.

7. Make sure that you know which of my stock are RESTRICTED and UNRESTRICTED... as most of my rules ONLY apply to Restricted Stock.

8.Copyright rules are below. (This applies to any and all stock I have, restricted and unrestricted)

9.See below for PRINT requirements and permissions.

If English is not your language and you have difficulty understanding these rules, please note me with your question and I will try to explain it in a simpler way. I do know Polish, so I can at least explain it to you in your language.